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The International Society of Fin-de-Siècle Studies was launched in July 2016 at the Forgotten Geographies of the fin-de-siècle conference hosted at Birkbeck College, University of London.



Dr Kate Hext, Lecturer in English (University of Exeter)

Web and Editorial Assistant

Jack Sargent, PhD candidate (University of Exeter)

Advisory Board

Dr Kristofer Allerfeldt, Senior Lecturer in History (University of Exeter)

Dr Matthew Bradley, Lecturer in English (University of Liverpool)

Prof Regenia Gagnier, Professor of English (University of Exeter)

Dr Allan Johnson, Lecturer in English literature (University of Surrey)

Prof Dominic Janes, Professor of Modern History (Keele University)

Dr Joe Kember, Associate Professor in Film Studies (University of Exeter)

Prof Tim Kendall, Professor of English (University of Exeter)

Dr Sara Lyons, Lecturer in English (University of Kent)

Dr Kristin Mahoney, Assistant Professor in English (Western Washington University)

Dr Michele Mendelssohn, Reader in English (University of Oxford)

Dr Alex Murray, Lecturer in English (Queens University, Belfast)

Dr Sarah Parker, Lecturer in English (Loughborough University)

Prof Adam Watt, Associate Professor in French (University of Exeter)


Graduate Representative on the Advisory Board

Richard Porteous, PhD candidate (NYU)


The ISFSS is supported by a grant from the University of Exeter, UK, and hosted by the English Department.